This test has been adapted from the original Halstead Reitan Test Battery. Speed of finger tapping is measured for the index finger of the right and left hand separately; five times for a period of 10 seconds each. Feedback on performance is given by a counter in the centre of the screen, while the number of taps on the individ- ual 10 second trials is shown at the bottom of the screen. The space bar is used as tapping device. The testee is asked to tap as quickly as possible.

The results show mean tap rates and standard deviations per time unit for each hand. Evaluation is performed in the context of motor activation and fluency. The tap rates average 55-60 and differences between dominant and non-dominant hand should not exceed 10%. In our studies differences were found between men and women and between our epilepsy group and a control group: epilepsy: men 45-50; women 40-55, control: men 50-55; women 55-60.